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It is my distinct honor to welcome and introduce you to Arnaz Publishing!

Founded in October 2009, Arnaz Publishing consists of a team of reliable, accomplished professionals who are willing and determined to provide a premium product to both aspiring and seasoned authors. In a time where the need for independence and creative expression are both increasing in importance, Arnaz Publishing provides a vehicle for writers to have their manuscripts produced in a cost-efficient manner.

I personally invite you to explore the services of Arnaz Publishing. We look forward to meeting all of your writing and publishing needs. If you have any questions, please contact an Arnaz Publishing representative at 215-474-2717.

Thank you,
Dr. Jimmie A. Ellis, III

Our Mission

  • Assess the needs of clients in order to provide a reasonable and professional publishing package.
  • Read clients manuscripts and make accurate grammar and punctuation edits.
  • Navigate all clients through the publishing process.
  • Allow authors the freedom and creativity to publish personal and poignant works.
  • Zero-in on answering any questions regarding contractual agreements or company expectations.

Who We Are

Arnaz Publishing Company is a Christian owned and operated business, which was founded by Dr. Jimmie A. Ellis III in October 2009. Our staff consists of educated individuals with training and experience in writing, editing, typesetting, and cover designing. Arnaz staff can be trusted in handling the publishing needs of any author, for we are dedicated to providing quality service and client satisfaction.

Services We Provide

  • One on one consultation
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Cover Design
  • Typesetting/Book Layout
  • Book Printing
* Certain fees may apply
Arnaz Publishing

Contact us TODAY!!!

Arnaz Publishing Group

Phone: (215) 474-2717

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