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The Anthology of the Apostle - 5cd's- $25.00

This anthology is a collection of messages of Apostle Jimmie A. Ellis, III. Apostle personally selected these messages to empower you to be an overcomer. Pull out your bible and get ready for a new you!

God is a Promise Keeper - 2cd's - $10.00

This is a very familiar topic when you don’t have a no one to encourage you or to push you have enough power under your nose to push yourself. God give us the power of our mouth to express how we feel, think and want. In this series Dr. Ellis guides us to a new frontier of words through our mouth. If you need to discover the power under your nose then this series is for you.

Hindering Spirits - 3 cd's - $15.00

Do you feel like there is a hindering force stopping you from doing God’s will? You’re not the only one! In this breakthrough series Apostle Ellis teaches how hindering spirits slows you down and distracts you till the point of destruction. This series will give you the freedom you need from the bondage of hindering spirits.

Holiness- 8 cd's- $40.00

In today’s Christian society Holiness is needed. Do you feel unsure in the responsibility of your salvation since you receive the Lord Christ in your life? In this devout series Dr. Ellis will help you work out the issues of your salvation and to you grow me in your spiritual life, for righteousness is the standard for us as Christians to have a relationship with God. If you are ready to get back into the center of God in your life this series if for you!

The Book of Revelations- 27cd's $100.00

How many of you have read the book of Revelation, and how many of you understand the book of Revelation. In this series Dr. Ellis wants to enlighten the eyes of your understanding by hi-lighting key areas of the book. The Book of Revelations addresses a lot of issues that were left unattended in the previous books of the bible. So if you’re ready get yourself a hot cup of joe and get ready to go deep into Revelation.

The God of Profit- 2cd's- $10.00

The word profits means to gain benefit and to produce, in this profitable series Dr. Ellis teaches on how to invest with the Lord. He covers areas that saints waste their time in and how to make your time profitable. If you believe you are putting in a lot of effect in the kingdom of God and getting no return then this is the series for you. Pull out your bible and get ready to invest!

Power Under Your Nose- 4cd's- $20.00

Your mouth is one of the most powerful tools that God ever gave you, however we don’t realize it! When you don’t have anyone to encourage you, you have enough power under your nose to push yourself. In this powerful series Dr. Ellis talks about how our mouth is the channel of expression, and how our mouth’s color our personality, just to give a preview. This series is for you if you don’t know how to control your mouth, so pull out God’s word and apply His view to your mouth.

Winning in the Wilderness- 3cd's-$ 15.00

The wilderness is a place where you left and were you are about to go. Many people in the bible had a wilderness experience, from Moses to Jesus. In this shocking series Dr. Ellis guides you through the wilderness and shows you how you’re affected in it. If you feel like you are going somewhere and you don’t know where in a barren place then this series is for you!

Relationships - Keeping It Real! - $20.00

You may be going through the ups and downs of relationships whether marriage or children this series is for you. Dr. Ellis and a host of speakers will take you through a journey of love and understanding in how to deal with relationships of all types. If you are ready to be on one accord in your relationship get your note book and your bible and get ready for a new bond with your loved one!